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Suprfit SLEEP Yummy Gummies

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SUPRFIT GUMMIES FOR SLEEP - Suprfit helps in increasing the production of sleep harmones in the body. It naturally induces drowsiness and aids in falling asleep quickly. Sleeping well not only helps in improving your immune system but also boosts cognitive function & focus. It is our Suprfit way to keep your sleep worries at bay.

HELPS DURING JET LAG- Jet lag occurs when you change time zones which can disrupt your sleep cycle. It causes daytime sleepiness and makes it difficult for you to sleep at night. However, with Suprfit Sleep gummies you can easily overcome jet lag. Just have 1 gummy 20-30 minutes before your bed time & sleep without any disruptions.

NON-ADDICTIVE & NON-HABIT FORMING- Suprfit Sleep gummies are a natural alternative. It is not addictive in nature. Moreover, there are no withdrawal symptoms to our gummies which means even if you stop or start taking it at any point it won't affect your health.

GLUTEN, GELATIN & SUGAR FREE- Our gummies are crafted with the best in class ingredients. We don't use any kind of preservatives, artificial colors or sugar. Moreover, it is absolutely free from gelatin & gluten with tasty raw mango flavored gummies.